Thanks Be

Happy Thanksgiving morn from the other side of the globe.

Michael is out for a run with the pupster man (I regret not having a personal Turkey Trot this year but think Stella is still too little for more than a walk out in the jogging stroller), my crackle candle is making me feel a tiny bit like I’ve got a fire going, and Andrew Peterson’s Christmas music is on. Oh, and Stella’s down for a nap, giving me a happy moment to myself.

I’ve been thinking this week, as most of us have, of counting my blessings. It’s been a long last week, truthfully: Stella quit sleeping through the night a month ago and the last few evenings were particularly miserable. Naps have also gone downhill and there’s been lots of crying. Living in Asia occasionally leads to health issues and one cropped up recently, leading to massive amounts of laundry. Here, of course, that means I’m mostly tied to my apartment as it takes FOR.EV.ER. to run a load through the washer and dryer. So yeah. It’s been a week, and I’m tired. Exhausted.

But. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so grateful in my life. On Monday, as I sat beside her crib holding Stella’s tiny baby hand and rubbing her tummy as she cried, I just thought: this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. (While simultaneously wanting to cry myself–crying babies, at least this particular one, make me so so sad.) For a long time, I questioned God’s goodness in not giving our family the baby we wanted. But having her, holding her, I know for certain there was no way we, I, ever deserved this. This week I heard news of friends who are joyfully expecting but whose little one will face at least one open heart surgery before she is six months, and I hugged Stella near. Why has God given us so much goodness when there is so much pain in the world? And how can I remember to believe this when life is more full of the hard and less full of the joy?

Andrew Peterson has the answer: Behold the Lamb.

Oh, that I would always remember.

Thanks be.

Oh. And here are some pics of StellaB. Because there’s no such thing as too many. Right?




Five month old girl is sitting up! Well, maybe slight exaggeration. But I’m her mom, so I’m just going on and calling it.


6 Comments on “Thanks Be”

  1. Ally says:

    Oh girl, I’m feeling you with the sleep woes. We hit a major regression over a month ago, then Ella Kate had her first cold (and the snotty nose lasted at least 10 days) while Blake was out of town for 6 days. Thankfully naps have been going pretty well, but nightwakings and feedings are at an all time high….so we are starting sleep training tonight. Not fun but baby girl has to learn to go to sleep without me. Say a prayer! Hope your beauty starts sleeping better soon.

    We are so so blessed to be mamas to these little girls. Need to check out this Peterson guy!

  2. thegregs says:

    Allison, you have got to let me know what happens with the sleep training! I have just been talking to Michael about whether we should do this or not…I feel like she’s ready/needs it but am really scared to try/also can’t decide if I should wait one more month before giving it a go. But you should definitely do a post about how it goes! Praying for sleep for you guys tonight!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh how she has grown since I last saw pics! Glad everything is going well your way! She is a doll, I’m thnking she looks like Micheal…..?

  4. John Gunter says:

    Finally catching up in blog reading…

    Great perspective on thankfulness. It has been a joy to have front row seats in seeing you and Michael process all this the past few years.

    Stella is both a blessing to ALL of us AND a great reminder of God’s goodness in God’s timing.

    Great read!

  5. feeling full says:

    Never too many photos of sweet Stella. And, if she be a constant reminder of God’s goodness to you, then more praise to Him. I am blessed by your little family.

  6. Haley Strouth says:

    mmmmmmm this makes my heart happy! miss and love you! Merry Christmas friend!

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