Day in pics

Two days, two posts: has that ever happened?

Thanksgiving Day in pictures. Happy heart.


Stella and Sarah. I’m so grateful for friends who are happy to hold her when I rush in like a tornado with a billion things to do. So thankful for friends who love our little girl.


Cat and Adelaide, me and StellaB. Addie is completely obsessed with Stella and it is the most precious thing. She regularly thinks that she is about to win the jackpot and get to hold the real live baby doll for a few minutes. It has yet to happen but a girl has to dream, right?


Our little family at Stella’s first Thanksgiving. Happy, happy heart.


Some of the place settings/decor. Dressing the table makes it feel like a true holiday to me!

IMG_6764 - Version 2

Just some of the wonderful people we get to live alongside.

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving to you!


One Comment on “Day in pics”

  1. Ally says:

    Yeah for two posts and a happy Thanksgiving! Oh those shoes StellaB is wearing! So adorable. Love seeing these photos and knowing that you and yours are being loved so well. Happy happy Thanksgiving friends! We miss you.

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