Christmas 2013.

Hi. It’s been awhile, but I’m still here, promise.

Two months later (!!!), here is a glimpse of our first Christmas with sweet baby girl.

Christmas Eve we went to some friends’ apartment for a candlelight gathering and a Christmas feast. Christmas Eve is my favorite of all holidays throughout the year, and this year was no exception. Michael made a delicious tenderloin (that man can cook! but only when he makes up his mind it’s worth it) and StellaB hung out with her favorite, Addie.


(See the glimpse of green? Finally started cloth diapering. So far I’m a fan, but still figuring out how to avoid diaper rash.)



With Cat and Adelaide. Addie is totally obsessed with Stella, and freaks out every time she sees her.


The feeling is mutual, I think.


Baby besties!

Christmas morning Michael and I exchanged stockings and presents (he made a rolling island for me!–y’all, his woodworking skills are truly amazing) and then friends came over for brunch and presents (our little group drew names for the exchange). Stella was so happy all morning long, and we stayed in our pajamas until evening, when we went out for the traditional (ha!) Christmas dinner of street dumplings.



Happy girl.


With Jess and Owens.


Matching pajamas for the win!


All in all a great day, and we continue to be more thankful than ever for this little bean we call our own.

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