Easter Duds

Dressing up never ever ever happens in our life here. But Stella has a few fancyschmancy (and beautiful!) smocked dresses that she neeeeeds to wear before she outgrows them. What to do?

Well, hello and thank you Easter!

We celebrated the Resurrection with some friends. It was perfect: simple, time for reflection, yummy food, and our baby girl all gussied up.

Here are some pics. For posterity, of course.




Of Dogwoods and Daffodils

There are days when I miss the south. Hillsides golden with daffodils,  like sunshine dappled on the green. Cross-shaped flowers cover stretching trees on every corner, dogwoods budding with the soon-to-come hope of Easter.  But sometimes, on those days when I wish for what is not–and yesterday was one–I stop, look around, and realize that this is amazing, too.

In a break between classes, I stepped outside the library (where I meet my teacher) and saw this. Hillsides golden with, not daffodils, but 油菜花,or rapeseed flowers.

It’s not exactly what I was craving. But it’s every bit as beautiful.